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Panama's economy grew an amazing 10.5% in 2011 and has maintained an average growth of 9% per year over the last five years. We predicted this boom nine years ago. Today we can show you the best undervalued properties and we can advise you where the next boom will be.

We don't just sell condos. We use our knowledge of this thriving market to help you to maximize your return on investment.

panama city 2012

Photo courtesy of artpanamainc.com

Panama is one of the fastest-moving real estate development markets in the world. Our experience will help you to buy the right property before the price skyrockets. Contact us today!

Panama is the center of the Western Hemisphere

Panama has been named "safest country for tourists", "#1 retirement haven in the world" and "second Miami". The world invests billions of dollars in this thriving, taxless open market. We firmly believe that Panama is the best place in the world to invest your money.

Michael and Stephen Ducharme
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