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Panama Mountain Photos


Campana is Panama's first National Park, and is located on the closest mountain to Panama City, just a half an hour from the booming capital. The panoramic view will stop your breath momentarily. But the air is crisp and packed with pure energy. You'll leave feeling totally revived.

El Valle de Anton

This beautiful town is set inside a huge volcanic crater. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil ensures healthy plant growth. Everywhere you look, you'll find flowers, fruit trees, vegetable gardens.

There is water running everywhere in the giant crater.

El Macho Waterfall
Overlooking this natural beauty is a Treetop Canopy Tour. You'll glide through the jungle suspended by a cable that's connected to the tops of some immense trees.

Las Mosas Waterfall, El Valle de Anton

All of the waterfalls in The Valley dump into this one. You will find Michael excercising here nearly every weekend. Since the volume of water increases dramatically after a rainfall, the workout routine is naturally varied. In the warm winter, the current is very strong.

Piedra Pintada (The Written Stone), El Valle de Anton

No one has yet deciphered the ancient hieroglifics on "the Written Stone". A small river runs past, and bedind the stone there's a peaceful clearing around the size of tent.

The cave on La India Dormida, El Valle de Anton

A 20-minute hike up the inside wall of a volcanic crater takes you to a small cave. This photo is a view from the cave at night. The actual view is stunning. The glorious moon reflects off a blanket of silky, translucent clouds that covers the sleeping village below.

Volcan, Chiriqui

The province closest to Costa Rica is Chiriqui, and it's home to this volcano.

The area has a fresh climate that's great for living and for perfect for producing vegetables. The high elevation means that nights are chilly.

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