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Reasons to Invest in Panama

Panama has a dynamic business sector, a stable democracy with a goverment that cooperates with business, warm, friendly people, and an unusual variety of terrains.

Panama is fast becoming a preferred location for a second or retirement home for Canadians and Americans. There are a number of good reasons:

Safety and security

Panama has the highest rating for tourist safety from prestigious Pinkerton Global Intelligence service. Here, there is no need to be constantly on guard against being robbed or assaulted, as is the case in so many Latin American countries. The crime rate is very low and you can visit nearly all the places you want to, even at night, without fear.

Free market tax haven

In Panama there are thousands of ways to make and grow money tax-free. When an investor arrives into Panama from abroad, the Panamanian goverment greets them the way every country should: "Welcome, Sirs. Thank you for visiting and/or investing in our country.

High-tech, modern infrastructure

Panama City has been called the "second Miami" because of its sophisticated business district, high speed internet connections, the American-style infrastructure and the elegance of many of its neighborhoods. There are endless gorgeous sea-view apartments and numerous suburban subdivisions with lovely Miami-style homes. Few other Latin American cities can boast buildings of such quality construction and so many attractive neighborhoods.

Due to the lowest tariffs in the Americas, Panama is a shopper's paradise whether it be clothes, computers, electronics, or automobiles! Panamanian supermarkets have a large selection of American products. Electronics stores compete in both price and selection with American stores. There are even four Price-Costco's in Panama.

Medical care and hospital facilities are on a par, and sometimes above Canadian and American standards. This modern and sophisticated hospital is affiliated with Johns Hopkins, and is your closest neighbor. Johns Hopkins will be providing quality and patient safety standards, training for nursing and administrators and a variety of physician based education programs. The hospital will be staffed by some of the best private physicians in Panama who have a variety of clinical expertise.

Flying to Panama

Panama is a short plane ride away from the USA. There are direct flights to Panama from more than ten Canadian and American cities, and Panama is constantly adding more direct flights to major cities around the world. You can fly from Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, New York, Newark, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans. The cost for round trip flights starts at only US $250! There are also direct flights from Toronto that include one week all-inclusive at a beautiful beach resort for around $600-$800 Canadian dollars. (Visit flysunwing.com or itravel2000.com for the charter flight from Toronto.) This proximity also makes it easy on all those relatives who will want to come visit you, the Panama Canal and some of the most nature-rich rainforests on earth.

A new direct flight from Finland makes it easy for Finns and Russians to visit Panama, without the stopover in the U.S. More flights are continuously added as Panama's airport expands to meet the growing demand.

There are no natural disasters in Panama - no hurricanes that torment many beautiful Caribbean havens, nor are there destructive earthquakes which plague its Central American neighbours.

John Le Carré, writing in The Tailor of Panama summed it up well: "We have everything God needed to make paradise. Great farming, beaches, mountains, wildlife you wouldn't believe, people so beautiful you could cry."

Panama is the number one retirement haven in the world. 2006 is the year that the first baby-boomers turn sixty. Over the next nineteen years, a huge number of people worldwide are planning their retirement. Panama's pensionado program offers significant benefits for retirees looking to get more for their money in a perfect tropical retirement haven.

Modern Maturity, the American Association for Retired Persons magazine, rated Panama as "one of the top four places in the world for Americans to live abroad."

International Living rated Panama as "the number one country outside the United States for a second home- based on Panama's outstanding safety, infrastructure, climate and beauty."

Panama is the most strategically located country for doing business in the Western Hemisphere. Modern laws are designed to facilitate international trade.

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