Architect Michael Graves, designer of 1500 Ocean Drive

1500 Ocean Drive is a Michael Graves Building

The Architect: Michael Graves
One of the greatest architects of all time, Michael Graves, died March 12, 2015. He was a resident of 1500 Ocean Drive. Mr. Graves chose this building as his permanent residence over hundreds of others that he designed. He also chose a “10” unit because “it offered the best sunset views.”
Michael Graves received his Masters degree in architecture in 1959 at Harvard University. He taught architecture at Princeton University’s School of Architecture for nearly 4 decades. The fact that this building was designed by Graves insures that the value of each and every condo only increases in value, a trend that has held true since 1998.
Grave’s Humana Building in Louisville, Kentucky is one example of his many world-famous designs. The Humana building is often referred to as the “textbook example” of postmodern architecture. After Humana, Graves was awarded the coveted American Institute of Architects’ National Honor Award in 1987.
Graves began work on 1500 Ocean Drive shortly after completing his design for Disney’s corporate offices in Burbank California and their resort buildings in Orlando Florida.
In 2001, just 2 years after completing 1500 Ocean Drive, he received the National Medal of Arts from the American Institute of Architects’ Gold Metal. This is the Institute’s highest award. In 2012 he was awarded the Richard H Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture. In 2014 the Michael Graves School of Architecture was established in his honor in New Jersey.
Graves designed 1500 Ocean Drive at the apex of his career.

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